Mission Statement

The International Chamber of Navigation of Beirut is the official representative of the shipping agencies operating at Beirut Port. It represents more than 60 shipping agencies and important organizations in the shipping sector.

It was established in 1936 and has become an influential body in the shipping field. Today no policy decisions concerning maritime matters are taken without consulting the Chamber.

This has been achieved through the active participation of the Chamber in numerous joint working groups or ad hoc committees with various government or private departments.

Furthermore the Chamber is regularly called to participate in local and International conferences and by major newspapers and magazines to give its opinion and views when shipping subjects are sources of debates in Lebanon and abroad.

In all dealings with the various Ministries and Departments, the Chamber primary objective is to assist the Government at all levels to adapt existing laws, policies and procedures to the needs of the Lebanese shipping agencies and merchants and the good work of the Port of Beirut in order to attract more lines and in the same time to raise quality, improve safety and protect the environment.

A special attention is dedicated to promote and develop good relations with neighboring Arab Countries. Thus several seminars and discussions events are held closely alongside with several Arab Chambers of Navigation in or outside Lebanon, in order to maintain and reinforce cooperation between brotherly countries concerning are matters in the shipping domain.

Monthly Members’ Meetings are held throughout the year and a briefing of Members by the President is done on the latest activities of the Chamber. One of the many services provided to Members is the distribution of meeting reports covering all information regarding the activities of the Chamber as well as other shipping issues, such as Beirut Port activities. In addition, Circulars are sent regularly on subjects of more technical or urgent nature.

The International Chamber of Navigation of Beirut is also a founding and active member of the Arab Federation of Chambers of Shipping, http://www.arabfcs.org/.